Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup App Reviews

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It can change my hair color to what color I want! I like it!

Does not work!

This is the second time I have downloaded this app. It does not work. I am deleting the app for good. I am disappointed in the company and also in Apple because I expect them to check out each app they allow in iTunes.


This app works great! I definitely recommend it!

It is nice

not bad

it doesnt work as well as the promo pictures suggest. its just painting a semi-transparent layer over your picture, but it does give a good idea of how the color would look with your skin tone.

Changing colors of our hair!

This app is so cool because it shows what your hair color would be if you changed it.

Could be better

It paints over original...


This is an awesome app to prank your friends, see how your hair would look with a different color, or just have fun with it!


Ignore what all of the "disappointed" people said get the app its super easy to use and it doesnt make you unlock anything the only in app purchase is to get the pro version but everything is still unlocked I definitely recommend this app


This app allows us to change the color of our hair and helps to see what wed look like. And we can create our own colors, make new shades, and share with friends!


You think you can paint hair and you can so its not worth it I would not waste time to wait for it to download

Eh... Its ok

All colors are tinted orange

Really good

I am going to be dying my hair this summer and I wanted it to be a light pastel pink like rose gold so I got this app and it really looks real! I showed my friend and she thought I actually dyed it! I like the fact that you can choose your own custom color unlike other apps where they only give you neon pink dark red ugly orange!


This app makes zero sense. Zit does not come with instructions and it is not helpful. I do not recommend it.


Really nice

Fun App

Im having fun with the app.


I love it but it keeps closing me out of the app. idk if that makes sense but idc.

Hair color

Its Good!!


This is so cool

Color my hair

This app is very cool I like all the details you added and I would recommend it to others

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