Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup App Reviews

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How do you die the hair

Loooooooove it

Awesome apps !! I love it this is by far the best color dyes apps ive tried



Yea :)

Really great !!

It doesnt work.

Every single brown shade was neon red except the one that was almost black. Awful.


Awesome app works better than others Ive tried

Didnt work

Doesnt seem to colour brunette hair very well, especially when trying to go lighter.


Like a cheap paint app that doesnt work. Not like The pictures at all.


Extremely unrealistic looking


I really like this app

Useless if you want to try colouring your hair

Should it detect your hair automatically instead of having you to paint it yourself?

Nice app

I really like it. So many selections to choose from. You need to pay for some but most are free, which is really reasonable. Love this app.

Colour without colouring ...yes!

Super fun enhancing my hair , with out the chem burn .

It was fun for a while

Great to pick your next hair colour, but not very useful after that


I hate when force you to write a review but it is ok will see

Just a paint app

This app was very disappointing. It is just a paint program that lets you spray paint on top of a photo. There is nothing special that helps with hair colour. It will spray paint on top of whatever you spray on.

Kinda boring

Its not so fun after youve picked a hair colour.


I would always download Hair colouring apps but the hair colouring would look soo fake, in this app the hair colouring looks so real

Love it

It looks really realistic


I prefer this app forever

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