Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup App Reviews

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Its okay


This is an awesome app! Works better then anything Ive tried

Great job

Easy to use and cool. Make the black a bit darker and make colours unlimited


Not gonna lie pretty entertaining just wish there was a option to outline the part of the hair and then color it and nothing gets outside those lines its a smart idea

Great App

Perfect for every time you want to change hair colour 9.5/10

Cool app

I think that this is a great app to see what your hair might look like in different colours before you dye it!


This app is great

Its good

Its good! You get to see what colour youd look good in before you dye your hair

I want to use more of the colours

So thats why Im writing this


Its good but I thought I can take a picture of me and change my hair colour maybe I can but I will have to check


Really works


this app is really good at making the colours look realistic.


This is very cool app


its okay

Y not

Pretty cool


Most of the colours look really fake


Awesome and cool


Really good It helps me to know what will be my next coloration✌


Good but i wish it would look more natural cuz i have blonde hair so it always looks a little too unhair like

Very fun app! Love it.

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